Policy Issue

Identify another, different policy issue that impacts or interests you. This policy issue can be at the local or state level, but that you have not already submitted. Research the policy context, implementation, effectiveness, and evaluate it using the criteria laid out in your lesson (and practiced in the writing assignments). Analyze the policy, and then draw conclusions and make recommendations about the policys future and effectiveness. Present your findings to the class by uploading an entertaining PowerPoint briefing, video, Knovio, YouTube, podcast or Prezi presentation (minimum 10 slides with images on each slide) to the Week 8 forum.  Please also upload it to this assignment section by the end of Week 7. If it is accessible via a link, please make sure it is publicly accessible and include it in the text box so I can access. The classroom will only allow 10MB in an attachment and PPT briefings may exceed that. Please plan accordingly. Remember that this is a major research component of your course and worth 20% of your final grade.  Your bibliography of sources (a minimum of 7) should be the final slide(s) of the presentation but can also be uploaded as a separate document within the assignment folder.
This is my final project subject proposal:My final project I would to write about the Bail Reform of New York State 2020. As a correction officer it is very important to me as this affects my livelihood. I will also see how this has affected the crime rate in NYS.
This was professor response:When evaluating the Bail Reform Act, it has to be evaluated against its stated objectives. Assuming crime rate is one, this is fine. If it is not, then you can discuss crime rate associated with the change, but it would be anecdotal. Also, be sure that there is enough data (since this is a 2020 change) to accurately demonstrate a relationship.The post Policy Issue first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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