Pay disparities

provide a 5+ page written analysis. Include the following sources in your analysis:    At least one peer-reviewed article (required class readings or otherwise)    At least one government (ex. BLS, GAO, OPM, OMB, Maryland DBM, etc.) or professional report (ex. National Academy of Public Administration, ICMA, IACP, etc.)2. Pay disparitiesIs there a gender earnings gap or pay disparity based on race and/or gender? Be sure to address relevant legislation and court decisions, as well as empirical evidence (e.g. BLS ,Census or other data) to support your arguments.
additional resources not to exclude any you use:
Lewis, G.B., Pathak, R., & Galloway, C.S. (2018). Trends in public-private pay parity in state and local governments. Review of Public Personnel Administration, 38:3, 303-331
OPM: Pay & Leave
Ledbetter v. Goodyear
Ledbetter Fair Pay Act


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