Nina Chanel Abney

(7-8 Slides)
Part 1: Students will select an artist from the list to research and create a PowerPoint with  MLA formatted with works cited of at least 3 academic sources (no Wikipedia, etc). Students should include brief biographical information, influences, and the style or movement in which this artist exists/existed. (2 slides) Part 2:This next section needs to include a description, with analysis, interpretation, and an evaluation of one artwork (not something we have discussed in class, in my unit PowerPoints or that you have previously written about), produced by the same artist you have already chosen. Using the vocabulary of art (medium, movements, terms, and based on that research, focus on how that artist used the elements and principles of art to create meaning for you in that selected work. (2-3 slides) Part 3: ProjectStudents will create an original artwork either in the style of his or her artist or with the same subject matter/content, but should not be a copy of the artists work. The drawing, painting, print, collage, etc. should represent the research and also, the voice of the individual student. Media will be determined by choice of artist.  Lastly, students will write a project statement explaining choices with elements & principles, etc. and should also include information explaining why the student chose this person and how that work relates to his or her own relationship with art. Explain what you were inspired by and how you reimagined it in your own work. (2 slides)


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