Myers Briggs Type Indicator

take the personality test from (MINE IS INFJ)
find another MBTI  (Myers Briggs Type Indicator – ref. text pg. 275) test online as well
compare your MBTI “personality” with your group members. (My group is Farhan, Kenzie, and I) Farhan = INFJ, Kenzie = ENFP, Me = INFJ 
Discuss how each group member’s MBTI score relates to others in the group and how the group has worked together so far.
as an outcome of the group discussion, develop a team charter, or contract (ref. text pg. 202), and submit.
write paper describing and analyzing your MBTI type (including the percentage for each letter/indicator), how this test is used as a team building tool, and your opinion of its value and validity.  Include review of the team discussion used in building the charter.  Include three references in addition to the websites used to obtain the online test results.
“Format” of the paper is an “argument essay.”  The intro should include your thesis, or premise for the paper (the argument you will be making and/or your hypothesis,  followed by the content  on which you base your argument, and, finally, your conclusion about your thesis and opinion about context and/or future within PM)
The resources provided by the instructor should be cited for this paper along with AT LEAST two additional scholarly articles from the CSP Library. ( post Myers Briggs Type Indicator first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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