Me as a collaborative partner in making a change

HR professionals have the opportunity to serve as successful change agents in many parts of life, especially when they recognize that sustainable change requires collaboration among a variety of stakeholders.  In this paper, you will identify your strengths and areas for improvement as a collaborative partner in making a change and discuss how those strengths and concerns might impact your success as a change agent.
Select a change effort with which you are currently involved.Describe the situation.Describe an appropriate OD theory or model that applies to this situation.Identify the stakeholders and challenges.How do your personal biases and self-concept affect your role and ability to influence successful change in this community (i.e., work, volunteer setting, etc)?Using Wilders Collaboration Factors Inventory, (Links to an external site.) complete the personal inventory with your change effort in mind.  Address the following questions:
How collaborative are you in this particular situation?Can you predict your current likelihood of success?Which areas of the inventory were identified as strengths?Which areas were identified as concerns?What can you do to increase your likelihood of success? How might you incorporate mindfulness, dialogue, and collaboration?Describe how you can overcome the challenges identified in the Wilder Inventory.Mechanics: This assignment is to be submitted as an academic essay of 5- 7 pages with appropriate APA references and in-text citations. Add a title page, an introduction, a conclusion, and a reference page. Be sure to clearly cite your sources in APA style from course readings and additional research, and answer all questions.


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