For an Singapore Airlines and Aviation Sector, undertake horizon scanning1to identify the keychallenges in relation to managing people and organisations which are being faced in 2020, and those likely to be faced in 2023 and then in 2033 also indicated Post Covid-19 scenarios.
Analyse how globalisation, technological change, and longevity may create particular challenges and/or opportunities for the: Individual and teams in the workplace Strategic Management of People Managing Change and Performance Managing across cultures and organisationsas well as ways in which they might interact2. This might seem like a substantial piece of work, but it isintended merely to provide a context for the main part of the assignment, and for that reason you areencouraged to work collaboratively in your learning groups, over the course of the module.Part 1 (c. 1000 words):The complete horizon scanning should be included as an appendix, and a brief summary should be providedas the first section of your assignment.Part 2 ( c 1500 words)From the horizon scanning, select one or two key areas which you have identified as both important andlikely to be changing over the three time periods. Drawing upon relevant literature, identify the ways in which1 Use whichever approach you find most useful but frameworks like PESTLE etc. may behelpful.2 There is a risk of sliding into sci-fi speculation here, and it might seem like an impossible task. But imagineif wed done this exercise with the class of 2008, wed have been asking them to look forward to 2012 and2022. Lots has happened since 2007, much of it unexpected, but we havent yet moved into the era of hovercars or Martian colonies.the organisation and/or sector might need to respond, citing theory and research to support yoursuggestions.The post MANAGING PEOPLE AND ORGANISATION – PESTLE ANALYSIS ON SINGAPORE AIRLINES first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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