Large-scale data exploration with R

“You are provided a selection of norms for English and German across a range of variables. Thenorms rely on human judgements and/or semi-automatic extensions regarding degrees of concreteness, valence, arousal, imageability and further perception modalities. In addition, you are provided corpus-based frequency lists as well as distributional co-occurrence scores.The goal of your project is to first analyse a subset of the norm data and then to explore whetherjudgements are related across modalities and to corpus-based frequency and semantic diversity.
Task: Write a report about your findings (Your report should be 5 – 8 pages long (excluding the bibliography))”
(Unfortunately, the corpus frequency and distributional information files are too large to be uploaded here. I hope there’s another way to provide the files in case this assignment is being done by someone. It is a beginners R course, so only basic plots and statistics should be in the report, you can still freely choose the variables though. Basically have some fun looking into data!)


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