Lanford Wilson “Book of Days” play

THE QUESTION: Discuss what Lanford Wilson is trying to say in his play Book of Days: what is (are) the theme(s)?  What point is he trying to get across to the audience? Then, discuss how Wilson conveys his messagehow does he incorporate the concepts that we have been discussing so far this semester: the Seven Components of a Play (plot, character, theme, diction, music, spectacle, convention), the Five Critical Perspectives (social significance, human significance, artistic quality, Relationship to the theatre itself, Entertainment value), realism, antirealism, metatheatre, presentational, representational, theatrical genres, etc.
Refer to the appropriate chapters in Cohens Theatre (Brief), and also use your lecture notes from class.
MORE: Do you find the play funny? Where is the potential comedy in the script? You might also want to discuss the plays comic versus dramatic potential. Do you find Wilson to be effective in the use of all these techniques?
Use quotes and examples from the plays text to support your discussion, and be sure to include a works cited page at the end of the essay, even if the play is the only work you cite.
Construct your essay wisely. Online Canvas submission: 1-2 page, type-written,  serif font 12pt and 1.5 spacing with a 750 word MINIMUM (after the header).  PDF or Word document.The post Lanford Wilson “Book of Days” play first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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