Innocense Project

Throughout your reading and viewing this week, you gained considerable insights into police interrogation techniques and how false confessions can develop. In addition, you have likely reflected on how innocent individuals can be swayed into confessing to crimes they did not commit. Now, you will have the opportunity to explore The Innocence Projects website (link available in the Week 3 resources) and read about its work. Then, be sure to select three cases that you will further analyze as part of this assignment. Your paper must address the following:
    Provide a brief summary of the work that The Innocence Project does.
    Analyze the three cases that you selected.
    Discuss the causes of the individuals convictions and subsequent exonerations.
    Reflect on how false confessions develop.
Support your assignment with at least two scholarly resources in addition to the cases from The Innocence Project.
Length: 3-5 pages


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