IKEA Analysis

In synchronous discussion, we examined the IKEA case and concluded that by 1980 IKEA was in a very strong position in Europe.
In this exercise, you will consider IKEAs competitive position today in the U.S. For the exercise, download the attached Analysis Worksheet for IKEA to your personal computer or tablet.
First, each individual in the group should fill in the worksheet based on what you know of IKEA from the case, class discussion, and other sources. This is your FIRST DRAFT set of answers.
Second, meet with the others in your group (presumably using Zoom). Before or during the meeting, exchange your rough draft worksheets. Discuss what each of you knows about the history, strengths, and weaknesses of IKEA, about the threats and opportunities it faces, and IKEA’s strategies. If you feel you do not understand IKEA well enough, feel free to After discussing each of these at least briefly, discuss whether you think IKEA is today in a strong competitive position. Discuss what IKEA’s leaders should do.  If you feel you do not understand IKEA well enough, feel free to talk to others who have shopped at IKEA. The video in Module 2 may also be helpful.
After the discussion, each student should fill out the worksheet again (or edit your existing sheet on a word processor).  Submit the new or edited worksheet on Canvas.The post IKEA Analysis first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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