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Assignment: Political GeographyFor this assignment, you will be required to watch a series of videos and compare ideas within them by answering the following questions.  Turn in a word document (or equivalent) of 300-500 words to the instructor before the assignment due date for week that includes all parts as instructed below.
China on the World StageWe have covered political geography in the textbook.  Lets focus on recent efforts from China in its political geography endeavors.  Do you know the history of trade in China?  Have you been paying attention to what China has been up to recently?
Watch the following videos and answer the questions.The Silk Road: Connecting the ancient world through trade – Shannon Harris Castelo TedEd and Road Initiative explained South China Morning Post’s trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade Vox
1) How much did you know about the history of the politics and trade of China?  2) What does this history tell you about recent initiatives, like the new Belt and Road Initiative?  3) How has China tapped into this history?  4) Do you think Chinas renewed globalized attitude is overall good or bad for the nations it is working with on projects?  Explain why or why not.


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