Human Genetic Traits Lab

Exercise IV Questions1.    Is a person abnormal who expresses the recessive characteristic of a trait? Support your answer by using scientific explanations.   
2.    Curly hair (h) shows a lack of dominance over straight hair (H), and the heterozygote possessing wavy hair (Hh). If two people with wavy hair marry, what hair types would you expect to find among their children? List the proportion (percentage) of each hair type. (Hint: drawing a Punnett Square may help you answer this question)   
3.    What is the genotype of a woman who has free ear lobes but whose father has attached ear lobes?  Please demonstrate how you arrived at your answer.   
4.    Could two parents who cannot roll their tongues have children who can roll their tongues?  Explain your answer:   
5.    Every so often the Ann Landers column has a letter from a mother whose husband and in-laws have been chiding her for having daughters instead of sons. Is this criticism justified? Why or why not?The post Human Genetic Traits Lab first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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