How to Make Stress a Friend

SAR 3 Writing Assignment: Proposal Argument. include an Annotated Bibliography for the Proposal Essay. State the thesis of your proposal completely. Explain why this issue deserves attention. Whats at stake? Identify and describe those readers whom you hope to reach with yourproposal. Why is this group of readers appropriate? Can you identifyindividuals who can fix the problem? Briefly discuss the major difficulties that you foresee for your proposal.How will you demonstrate that the action you propose is necessaryand workable? Persuade the audience to act? Pay for the proposal? Determine what research strategies youll use. What sources have youconsulted?Also include an Annotated Bibliography of the sources you will be drawingfrom for this writing assignment. Annotated bibliographies are essentiallywork cited pages with annotations. Review the example of an annotatedbibliography on page 483 and the handout “Annotated Bibliographies” toassist you in completing this assignment.Format Double space. Use 12-pt Times New Roman font. Include a heading, header, and titleas required for MLA style (covered in your textbooks). To avoid plagiarism, cite anyinformation taken from outside sources including from the textbook. Use MLA-style citations.Mechanics Although these are not formal essays, they should be edited as carefully as yourmajor essay assignments. After you draft and revise the content of the Response, after you workon the organization, spend some additional time editing and proofreading. Eliminate grammarerrors, punctuation errors, and other surface issues that can make your writing confusing or lessconvincing to readers.Organization All Reader Responses should include well-organized paragraphs with topicsentences and supporting evidence. Specific assignments may give a number of paragraphs orother directions about organization.Content Specific content is assigned for each Response. Each assignment will require you toread carefully and think critically about what you have read.SubmissionEach Short Academic Response Assignment requires three steps:


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