TOPIC: Building public housing or creating more housing vouchers
TOPIC: Building public housing or creating more housing vouchers
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CURRENT APPLICABLE LAWS AND PRACTICES IN THE US:There are three main categoriesthat the Federal Housing Administration [FHA] concentrate upon: rental housing assistance, assistant tostate and local governments and assistance to homeowners. The Department of Housing and UrbanDevelopment [HUD] administers the programs, categorizing the following as their top two largesthousing assistance programs: THE SECTION 8 VOUCHER PROGRAM and PUBLIC HOUSING.(CRS,2019). The largest housing assistance program is a form of tenant based rental assistance known asSection 8 Vouchers. (CRS,2019). The second-largest housing assistance program – with approximately 1million public housing units under contract with the federal government – is Public Housing.
(CRS),2019 crsreports.congress.gov.product
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The state to research in Massachusetts
Part B: State variation:
Describe current cross state variation in policy and practice within your topical area.Is there significant state variation within the US? As immigration policy is federal, there may be little to no variation in policy or practice in your area.The post Housing first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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