Host community perception of volontourism

My thesis is almost finished, I am only lacking 2,000 words. I am struggling on the theoretical framework. My supervisor provided me with the following notes : Be careful of:–          Interpretations that go beyond the scope of what was observed, or make assumptions that might be invalid–          Analyses that go beyond the scope of the RQ and the observations
Needs close attention:–          Theoretical framework: right now, its not doing what it needs to do. Specifically, giving a basis for how you understand host perceptions and what tools you use to analyze them and supporting the way you break the observations into sections between Home and Work with a more concrete argument. Most of the time, I found something that indicated your argument in the text, but it is buried under other things or in the wrong place.–          This relates to a structural problem there is a tendency to move too quickly to making an assertion without giving us enough context or detail to have a sense of whats going on. remember the thing about the details of the narrative in ethnography: some of the details are skippedI just need a new theoretical framework, and an overall correction. Please find attached my thesis


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