In the last essay, we summarized and responded to a chosen poem or poet. For this essay, you will be critiquing the use of setting or a response to violence in a chosen short story. These are short stories you may not be familiar with, so we will be going over them in class. They are available in the following links, or you can get them from a public library.
Purpose: In college and in life we are surrounded by arguments. Commercials argue that we need this product or that product. Political candidates argue for their candidacy. Your essays this semester seek to grow your ability to analyze the arguments around you so that you can come to a fact-based opinion on that argument. Furthermore, this essay will seek to grow your ability to argue for your opinion.
How to write a critique (Links to an external site.)
Essay Two Advice Lecture  (Links to an external site.)
Expectations:You will begin this essay in class as we analyze several short stories together. From there you will be expected to build a 750-word essay answering the prompt.
You will be expected to use at least two sources obtained from the college library.
Further Expectations
-A clear thesis with well-organized body paragraphs
-college level writing
-in text citations
-works cited
-original and well thought out idea supported through research and consistent writing
-a confident writing style
-at least 750 words
-use 2-3 sources correctly
-no first person
-at least two sources from the Santa Fe Library
How does your chosen author use setting to further the story line?
How does your chosen author portray a response to violence?
How does your chosen author use historical setting to further the story line?
How does your chosen author use gender or parental roles to further the story line? The post Hemmingway first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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