Hamlet or the tempest literary essay

Choose ONE of the following topics to develop for your formal literary essay
HAMLET OR THE TEMPEST (both from Shakespeare) You can centre in LOVE, POWER or SIMBOLISM.
Remember that formal literary essays are written in the third person (avoid a personal style), use the present tense and use formal academic language.
LENGHT: Be sure to answer the question in a succinct, comprehensive, five-paragraph essay. For your essay you should use Times New Roman, 12-inch font, with 1-inch margins. (Do not write more than 5 pages, no less than 2).
REQUIREMENTS:    Include a clever and relevant title that is tied into the paper    Show deep insight and critical analysis    Include at least one quote with page number per body paragraph (total of three per essay). Use correct format. Quotes do not stand-alone! DO NOT end or start a paragraph with a quote!
PROPER FORMAT:    Include a thesis statement (UNDERLINE it, please) as the LAST sentence of the introduction. (The thesis statement is one sentence that shows the entire focus of your paper.)    Have a clear topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. (This establishes the focus for each paragraph.)    Mention the authors complete name and complete title (either underlined OR italicized) in the introduction. Any other times you use the authors name, only write the last name.    Strong transitions for each paragraph: do NOT use first, second, lastly, in conclusion, etc.    Do NOT use you or I. + Do NOT use contractions! Spell out the words!
—Thats the things they mentionED. Remember APA . ANd you may choose between both topics, HAMLET or The TEMPEST and to center in love, power or simbolism as you prefer. I have no preference.The post Hamlet or the tempest literary essay first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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