Global HIV

Format of PaperIntroduction: Start your paper with a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) that will serve as an introduction to the paper. The introduction should conclude with your topic sentence (note your topic sentence should read: This paper will discuss topic name, the global impact of the topic name, and how nurses can impact topic name). Then use the following titles for the headings for your paper:
Global Health Problem: Topic nameDiscuss why it is important for nursing (why you have chosen this topic to write about)Global Impact of Topic nameDiscuss how this problem is viewed in the United States and then how it is viewed in at least one other country. For example, if you discuss elevated blood pressure in adults, you may discuss guidelines for defining hypertension in the United States (reference the article where the guidelines came from, using APA format). Then find an article from another country and discuss how hypertension is described in that country (reference the article using APA format).How Nurses Can Impact Topic nameDiscuss how nurses can have an impact on the global topic. Examples include patient education, lobbying for legislation, community awareness project, etc.


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