Examine the business concepts of quality management and lean systems

1.  SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS (assignment and rubric) FOR FULL DETAILS2.  At least 1 citation has to come from classroom textbook (information at the end of document)3.  3 FULL pages are required
In this assignment, you will compose and informative essay in a minimum of 3-full pages in which you specifically address the parts listed below. Make sure to include separate title and references pages, use standard paragraph structure, double-spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and follow all other current APA style guidelines. Conduct research from credible peer-reviewed sources, the Library, and your textbook to support your responses.
Part 1: Examine the business concepts of quality management and lean systems provided below:
Quality Management
1. Dimensions of Quality2. Cost of Quality3. Six Sigma4. ISO5. Quality tools
Lean Systems
1. JIT2. Lean Production3. Kanban4. Kaizen5. Poka-yoke
Part 2: Select one concept from each of the lists above and compose your paper to include:
  One aspect of quality management   One aspect of lean systems
Part 3: Close your paper with the following observations from your research:
The importance of Demings research to the foundation of quality, and what you could do now, to implement the concepts you selected, to your own life and work.


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