Minimum Requirements:
Read Is Google Making Us Stupid? Actions Write essay of 1300-1400 Wordsdo not include your name, date, works cited in the word countConsult at least two other sources of information as research for this paperAll research sources not found in library databases (EBSCOhost, Issues & Controversies, Infobase, et al.) must be preapproved by instructor: books, websites, periodicals, videos, podcasts, among othersEmploy a counter-argument and refutationMLA format including a Works Cited pageUpload to turnitin.comAdvances in computer technology have made it possible to access data instantly and to communicate with others in myriad new ways, e.g., text messaging, video chats, blogs, etc. But critics are increasingly looking at the effects of these new technologies to determine if, in fact, they make our lives better.
Compose an essay that convincingly answers the question:
Is the Internet doing more good than harm? How?
This is a big question, so focus your argument on one area of internet life and use your 1300+ words to take a position in the argument. Then be sure to define and explain your terms, provide examples (perhaps studiessee how Nicholas Carr does it), and employ a counter-argument and refutation.
The Toulmin method of argumentation anticipates potential objections (counter-arguments) to the argument’s claims (supports). These are counter-arguments that the writer reasonably expects her opponents to make. The writer should include these objections as opportunities to present her own considered refutations.
This exercise will help you craft a well-considered argumentative paper and improve your critical thinking and composition skills.The post Essaylll first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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