Essay on Your Own Developing Identity

**Writing and citations should be in APA format. For example, (Lally & Valentine-French, 2017) – book is attached**
INSTRUCTIONS Erikson is most famous for his adolescent stage, the stage he called Identity and Identity Formation. Actually, Erikson believed that identity formation goes on all of our lives, although he felt concern with formulating one’s identity is most predominant during adolescence.
Using Erikson’s theory as a springboard, psychologist James Marcia talks about four aspects of identity development (Module 5 at a Glance: Readings: Marcia). These include:
Identity AchievementIdentity ForeclosureIdentity MoratoriumIdentity DiffusionPick one area of identity formation in your own life from one of the following areas:
career/educationreligionpolitical beliefssexual orientationgender identityTell how you have moved among the four aspects of identity development that Marcia identified.  Include your entire life from adolescence to the present, even if your chosen aspect of identity formation has not changed since adolescence and/or even if you are in the life stage of adolescence. Your essay must include information about identity achievement, foreclosure, moratorium and diffusion.
If you have only moved through one, two or three of Marcias four aspects, write about those that you have gone through.  Then, also write about the other stage or stages.
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