Eros and the Lizars

Dr. Hensley has asked you to write a 400-word summary and response to thearticle. In your summary, be sure to clearly identify the articles thesis. In the response, youshould recommend to Dr. Hensley if she should include one of the sculptures from the article inher exhibit. You should indicate whether you agree with Sorabellas thesis and provide supportfor your position with evidence and arguments. What sort of evidence does Sorabella include forher argument? Visual evidence? Textual evidence? Contextual evidence? You should alsoinclude alternative views and explore support for those views. For example, if you think that Dr.Hensely should include Figure 19.1, but not the other artworks, explore why she might want toinclude at least one of the other artworks.Format: Dr. Hensley prefers the following memo format:1. A paragraph orienting Dr. Hensley to the purpose of the memo and summarizing yourrecommended position.2. One paragraph summarizing the article. Mention only the major points of the article.3. Bullet points giving reasons in support of your recommendation.4. Bullet points giving reasons opposing your recommendation.5. A Works Cited page, using MLA formattingThe post Eros and the Lizars first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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