employer bargaining committee Proposal

This exercise simulates the collective bargaining process, with particular emphasis on the mostimportant elements of the negotiation: planning and preparing for the bargaining table. Yourgroup will take on the same work and responsibilities of an actual bargaining committee inpreparing and generating an actual bargaining strategy as well as a bargaining proposal. Teamswill then share their proposal with a group representing the other side and each side will thenre-evaluate their positions. This exercise will also ask groups to objectively debrief thesimulation.
PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE ATTACHED THE INSTRUCTIONS. HOWEVER, BECAUSE THIS IS A TEAM PROJECT I WILL ONLY NEED TO PROVIDE THE BARGAINING PROPOSAL FOR THESE MENTIONED ITEMS. I) Termii) Wagesiii) Wage differentialiv) Benefits Premiumsv) Union Securityvi) Seniority Rulesvii) Contracting Outviii) Holidaysix) Grievance Procedure
HELPFUL TIP: Collective agreement language is rarely completely original. Most currentcollective agreements are available online. It is quite alright to copy language that exists ina current collective agreement, BUT be sure that the language makes sense in the context ofLennys Fine Furniture. ALSO, beware that just because you find something to copy does Please let me know if you need clarification on anything.not mean that language is devoid of ambiguities. You will still want to review it to ensure itmeets your standards.
that being said please use the BCGEU 18th Main Agreement link https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/careers-myhr/managers-supervisors/employee-labour-relations/conditions-agreements/collective-agreements?keyword=BCGEU&keyword=collective


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