Discussion board 7

Please look over the textbook pages provided and use this material to help answer the prompts
This week’s learning materials is about public controversy, deliberating in good faith, ethos, and credibility. Also about preparing a reasonable argument. Answer the following prompts
–  Think about a current event in which there is public controversy. Have you witnessed what would be defined as deliberation in good faith, ethos, and credibility? Without going into particulars about the public controversy, describe what the person did to deliberate in good faith, ethos and credibility. If you can’t think of an example of a person who has successfully deliberated a public controversy, describe what could be done to successfully deliberate in good faith, ethos, and credibility.
-With the current event in mind, describe what you believe would happen if people effectively deliberated in good faith, ethos, and credibility
-Explain different types of reasoning and which one would be most effective for approaching the current event you have in mind.


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