Dermatologist Career Path

3-page minimum length paper in 12 point font, double-spaced, describing the professional career you are planning. Your paper must include written content demonstrating knowledge of each of the following points:
1. The scope of professional practice including possible specialization areas, salary, and setting2. The professional schools available, at least one in the state of Texas3. The pre-professional academic requirements of these professional schools4. Expectations professional schools have related to experience, service, volunteerism, shadowing, leadership5. The application process What admissions exam is used for your chosen profession? When should the admissions exam be taken? What is the cost of admissions exam? What are some study resources for this admissions exam? Free resources? Not free resources? When is the best time to apply? Is there a centralized application service or will applications be sent directly to the school? If centralized, what application service is used?6. The length of professional training?7. Required certification exams in addition to professional school?8. Discuss positives and negatives of your career choice.  Also discuss possible alternative career plans.9. Now that you know the goals and benchmarks of your intended career, watch the alumni videos on Canvas in the Career Exploration module. Which pieces of advice or alumni experiences do you find relevant to your own path through college? Name one or two ideas given by alumni that you intend to incorporate into your own experience at Tarleton.10. Include a bibliography of your sources. A bibliography must contain complete information for the sourceThe post Dermatologist Career Path first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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