Data collection

For this assignment, you will read a qualitative article and write a 2 page reflection paper answering specific questions based on a topic you are assigned. Be sure to read the Qualitative Article Critique Guidelines carefully so you know exactly what should be included in your reflection paper. Below are the assignment instructions:
Assignment Instructions:
    Review the document HSC 343 Group Assignments Fall B1 2020.pdfPreview the document to find which group and topic you have been assigned to (NOTE: if you do not see your name on the list please email Dr. Anyanwu)     Identify which article you have been assigned and read that article.        If you are in Group 1 and Group 3, read Armstrong et al          If you are in Group 2 and Group 4 read Ohnsorge et al     Using the Qualitative Article Critique Guidelines document, write a 2 page (minimum) reflection paper. Your paper must include your answers to the questions for the topic you were assigned: Design, Sampling, Data Collection, Themes. Review the grading rubric for this assignment so you are aware of how you will be graded.    Submit your reflection paper using the link below by Sunday, 10/11/2020
NOTE: You must use APA format for your reflection and include both in-text citations and a References page.The post Data collection first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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