Cybersecurity Strategic Operations

5140 Week 6 – Assignment #1: Recovery concepts (2 pages)
Browse the internet to discuss the recovery concepts involved in Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Incident Response Plan  (IRP), Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), and Business Continuity Plan (BCP).
(See attachment 5140 Week 6 – Assignment #1 Answer)
———————–CSSS 5140 Week 6 – Assignment #2: Risk management framework (1 page)
Write a one-page paper (Introduction, body, and conclusion) discussing the concepts involved in the risk management framework.
NIST defines risk assessment as The process of identifying the risks to system security and determining the probability of occurrence, the resulting impact, and additional safeguards that would mitigate this impact. Their approach involves the following nine steps:System CharacterizationThreat IdentificationVulnerability IdentificationControl AnalysisLikelihood DeterminationImpact AnalysisRisk DeterminationControl RecommendationsResults Documentation
———————–CSSS 5120 Week 6 ASSIGNMENT #3: Cyber Peace (1 page)
Is the concept of a Cyber Peace that is specifically focused upon Critical Infrastructure, along with supporting treaties, monitoring, enforcement, and punishment for nation-states that do not comply (similar to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty) realistic and something the U.S. should pursue?
(See attachment CSSS 5120 Week 6 ASSIGNMENT #3 Answer)
———————–CSSS 5120 Week 6 ASSIGNMENT #4 (1 pages)
Find a Cybersecurity-related current event, activity, or development on to write and share with your colleagues. In your discussion post, briefly summarize the event and reflect on its significance to support your topical input.
Questions to address in a two-pages paper might include: How does the event relate to issues addressed in class? How might similar situations be mitigated? What is the broader impact of the event (e.g., nationally, globally, etc.)
Include a link to the story or a citation so that others may read the story.
———————–CSSS 5120 Week 6 ASSIGNMENT #5 (3 – pages)
InstructionsYou will be presented with a series of essay questions to be answered in your own words. You may use any legitimate resource from the web, textbook, lecture, etc., but use your own analytical thought process to ensure evidence of understanding of the material. Your response to each question must be at least one page in length.
Respond using standard APA format. NOTE: There is no requirement for an abstract, table of contents, etc., but remember to properly cite external sources. Use appropriate formatting with standard fonts and size.Save your file using the file naming convention quiz#_studentname (e.g., quiz1_johndoe). Submit your completed document to this assignment.
Questions1. Outline the Cybersecurity issues and vulnerabilities of the petrochemical industry. Include in your answer specific actions required to improve the security profile of this industry. (2 pages)
Reading Material:Critical Infrastructure Protection: Information Infrastructure Models, Analysis, and Defense (Lopez, J., Setola, R., & Wolthusen, S.):Part IV: Infrastructure Sector Studies, Sector-Specific Information Infrastructure Issues in the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Sector, and Telecommunications, pp. 235-300
Answer. See attachment CSSS 5120 Week 6 ASSIGNMENT #5 Question #1 pages 235-300
pg. 251 Section 2.3 Vulnerabilities of Integrated ICT and SCADA Systemspg. 254 Section 2.4 Key Risks Related to Integration of PCS/SCADA and ICT
2. Provide a description of what SCADA systems are, how they are integrated into IT systems, the importance of SCADA to cybersecurity, the three main generations of SCADA, and the cybersecurity vulnerabilities and challenges facing CI sectors; finish with your perspective of actions and recommendations to be taken to ensure this aspect of our CII is secure. (1 page)
(See attachment CSSS 5120 Week 6 ASSIGNMENT #5 Question #2)


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