Cybersecurity Strategic Operations – Research Work

Find five (5) Scholarly articles by searching online, one each on the following topics     -Critical Infrastructures (2 pages)    -Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) (2 pages)    -Cybersecurity Policy (2 pages)    -National Cybersecurity Strategy (2 pages)    -Security of Internet of Things (2 pages)
*  Discuss, in your own words, the following for each article (Please note:  each of these points requires discussion, not just one sentence):    -The main point of the article    -The relevance of the article in todays Cyber Operations    -One additional point you would like to see mentioned in the article with justification.
*  Requirements
  -Title page  -Full APA reference for each article  -Cite where applicable  -Articles must come from searching scholarly articles in the online library.  You may NOT use      web references, blogs, regulations, instructions, or policies.  -Each article discussion should be 2 to 4 full pagesAPA 7th ed. format must be followed.Times New Roman 12, 1″ margins.Must include title page and references.Submit a single document with all five article discussions.


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