Cultural Group History
Please watch the hour long video above.
Explore the following website published by the Hawaiian Kingdom government (Links to an external site.) along with others you find about the history of Hawaii its people and the relationship between Hawaii and the United States.
Once you have viewed the website and done your research answer the following questions in 1 page response.  Be sure to support your answers with examples and support from your research. Feel free to attach links, videos, and other media to your answers.
What is the historical relationship between the Hawaiian people and other cultural groups in the United States, especially the dominant cultural groups?What are the significant events in the groups history?Has this group been discriminated against?What are the common stereotypes about the group, and how did they originate?Who are the important people in the group?What are the notable achievements of the group?In what ways does the history of this group influence the identity of group members today?The post Cultural Group History first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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