Covid and Health Administration Extra Credit

Tell me about your COVID experiences from the time you heard about the virus to school closing to your present day.
Choose 2-3 questions to answer. Number your answers and write in complete sentences.
The first time you heard about COVID, what did you think about the situation in China? Did you think this virus would had reached the United States? How should the U.S. prepared during that time? Was there anyway the U.S. could had gotten prepared? Explain.How do you think HEALTH SYSTEMS can better prepared for the medium term, the next 5-10 years? How do you think health and medical jobs will be changed in the future? What new jobs can be created and what jobs might be obsolete? How should future medical and health workerm conduct themselves in this new world?If scientists create a vaccine for COVID-19, how do you think the vaccine should be administered to the people? Right now, the medical team in the front line of this pandemic is scheduled to be the first round of those taking the vaccines. Who do you think should have second, third, etc priority to receive the vaccines?If vaccines are not mandated, how will the world look? How long will COVID last until the U.S. has about 90% of people immune by natural selection, if there is a long term immunity? Include outcomes if of people when they are not vaccinated, include death toll and the amount of money the government and families need to spend for a person who earns a total of $50,000 per year for an individual. Do you think society will ever get back to normalcy? Given this experience, what do you think the future (25 years from now) of health care system should be like? How can we change the health systems without bankrupting the present system? Do you think we will ever learned from our past? Explain.The post Covid and Health Administration Extra Credit first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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