Company Analysis and Proposal for change

Company : GE1.    You need to do research on your chosen company its mission and strategy, how it operates, its history and how it has changed over time, and its experience with change. (No more than 1 page)o    Describe the organizations vision, mission and strategy.o    Who are its major competitors?o    What were the big changes in the organization over its history?o    What are the biggest challenges it is dealing with now?o    Who are the key players outside the organization, e.g. suppliers, partners, customers, regulators, etc. who are relevant to the organizations biggest challenge?o    What has been the experience of the organization with change? Have they been quick to react and successful, or were they slower than their competition?  Did they miss any opportunities?  Do research on your organization and cite the sources that you use.
Use the attached Change Canvas template  to answer the following:
2.    The Board of Directors for your company has created an agenda around organizational purpose. You need to select a project that will demonstrate how analytics can help advance corporate social responsibility. A critical step in the change process is proving the value that analytics can bring.o    The first project should have a very clear goal and be limited in scope. It should be focused on what is required to prove value in a short period of time, i.e. within a few months. The value should be clear and visible to the organization, i.e. it should be material. An important component of materiality is alignment with the vision, mission and strategy of the company.o    Not everyone will be supportive of your proposal so it is important to think about different stakeholder groups and their motivations for supporting or opposing your project. You need to gain organizational support for your project before you can implement it. What stakeholder groups would support your proposal? What stakeholder groups would oppose your proposal? Based on your understanding of the stakeholders and their motivations for supporting or opposing your project, develop a tailored communication plans for each stakeholder group. Which stakeholders (or groups of stakeholders) will you communicate with? In what sequence? Describe the messages that you will use to persuade each stakeholder or stakeholder group of the importance and value of the first project. Describe how will you address both the rational and emotional concerns of the different stakeholder groups, and why you think these messages will be effective.You need a functional leader to sponsor your first project. Describe the messages that you will use to persuade this leader of the importance and value of the first project to him/her. You need to inform your sponsor of the progress of the first project. Describe how you will use analytics to measure the receptivity to change, and to monitor the change process.
I will evaluate this assignment based on the thoroughness and detail with which you have addressed the questions listed above. To view the rubric for this assignment, click the options icon above (i.e. the three vertical dots) and select Show Rubric.Important Notes    Please post your work by the stated due date.     When you submit your plan, please keep the questions in the document and provide your answer below each question.  You can use bullet points to address each question.    After uploading your work, please be sure to the indicate the following in your post:1.    Name of your organization2.    1 Page of company research3.    Short (1-2 sentence) summary of your analytics project.


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