Communication and negotiation Article abstract

(2pages abstract) article 1; How talk works: Studying negotiation interaction. Abstracts of the articles should not exceed more than two type written double-spaced pages.
(3 pages) Article 2:  Influencing with integrity: Management skills for communication and negotiation. 2 page abstract and 1 page “opinion piece” that offers application, criticism, and/or synthesis of the articles contents to other course material should be attached to the abstract. 2 pages abstract and 1 page opinion total.
Procedure 1. You should first thoroughly read the selection. 2. Writing the abstract: Your abstract should summarize the most important issues, ideas, and pieces of information contained within the selection. The abstract should provide the reader with a clear and concise, yet informative, overview of the contents. While writing your abstract you will be forced to make some critical choices about which elements to feature. From reading your abstract an interested party should have a clear understanding of the contents. This understanding should be detailed enough for them to be able to offer their own interpretation and opinion on the contents.
3. In addition to an abstract you must also provide a one page opinion piece on the reading.
a. What are the most relevant aspects to the study of communication and/or negotiation in employee relations? b. How does the content help me better understand the dynamic process of communication and/or negotiation in employee relations?c. How does the information, ideas, and issues relate to other course material? d. What relevance do the contents of this selection have for the study and research of communication and/or negotiation in employee relations? e. What relevance do the contents of this selection have to my day-to-day work environment? f. How can I apply this material to create a better workplace climate and environment? g. How can I synthesize this material into my major course of study (MSA, MA, Certificate, etc.) in order to better understand my discipline?
NOTE: , These are not questions that you have to answer in your opinion piece.they are only meant to guide you. Similarly, you are not necessarily limited to these questions. Use them as a starting point and feel free to develop your own issues and opinions as you engage the ideas, issues, and information in the article/chapter. Your opinion piece should move beyond a simplistic I liked it/I didn’t like it kind of statement and critically interpret the articles contents.
4. The final product of this assignment should be a detailed abstract that will form the basis of your presentation and class discussion. a. Remember the abstract should be neatly typed, double-spaced, and not exceed two pages in length. An additional one page opinion piece about the article/chapter should be attached.


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