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Attached are the discussion replies to respond to. Attached is my pharm textbook. Please use my text-box and a peer-reviewed article to back your response.  Below is the original questions for your reference. Please do not answer the questions it’s for your reference.
Discussion: Clotting
Mrs. Jay, a 73 year old female, has been admitted to the hospital for treatment of a deep vein thrombosis in her right calf. Her PMH includes hypertension. She has been taking Capoten 12.5 mg BID with good control of her pressure.  She is ordered on bedrest with the following orders:
Heparin 5000units IV bolus, followed by a heparin drip of 25,000units in 250ml to infuse at 1000 units per hour. Follow heparin protocol that includes obtaining a stat aPTT 6 hours after initiation and 6 hours after any dose change.
How many mL per hour will you administer the heparin drip to deliver 1000 units per hour?
What is an aPTT? What is a therapeutic range?
How does heparin work? What precautions need to be taken?
What is the treatment for a heparin overdose?
After three days, the physician orders Warfarin (Coumadin) 2mg po daily.  Mrs. Jay asks why she needs to take Coumadin and the heparin.
How will you respond to her?
How does Coumadin work? What is the difference between Heparin and Coumadin?
What lab value will be monitored while on Coumadin? What is a therapeutic range?
What is the antidote for Coumadin overdose?
What are some nursing considerations for a patient taking anticoagulants?
Develop a detailed teaching plan for Mrs. Jay regarding taking Coumadin when she goes home.The post Clotting Discussion replies first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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