Child Trafficking

-Information about the social problem (who, what where, why, how)-Challenges to combating the problem(expected or known; e.g., costs, problems with adoption by general public)-Benefits to solving the social problem (who benefits and how)– 3-4 pages in lengthDouble-spaced, 12-point font– Must be produced in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx format) no other format will be accepted– At least four (4) sources must be used; sources must be appropriately cited in text and in a reference section -Acceptable sources include peer-reviewed journal articles, trade journals, newspaper articles, websites with named author(s) or from specific organizations or agencies. Unacceptable sources include websites with no named author and no sourcing of information; personal opinion websites.-Citations and reference lists must conform to either APA or ASA standards.  -Your paper must not have more than one quotation per page. Quotations must be cited correctly, including page numbersThe post Child Trafficking first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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