Calvin and Trent

Provide a summary of the selections from Reformation (Calvin and Trent) assigned in the Syllabus. Write a one- to two-page summary of the arguments presented in the commentary/reading specified using the prompts provided on the reading guide pages in this module. The assignment will be graded on a four-point scale using the rubric provided. This assignment is due on Saturday.
In this argument summary paper, you should summarize the selections from Calvins Commentaries and the Council of Trent. Effectively, you are summarizing two different sets of arguments.
For this module, read the following:  Course Workbook
John Calvin, Commentaries (on Election and Predestination), in Library of Christian Classics, 23.288-312 & Institutes, 3.21-24 selections from Library of Christian Classics, 21.920-987.Trent, Session 6 (Decree on Justification), trans updated by Humphries in Resource Workbook 2.169-2.179Joint Declaration on Justification. Joint Declaration on Justification.Textbook
Who is Chosen? Chapter 4 (pp 34-42).The post Calvin and Trent first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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