Bronze culture in Sanxingdui & The Way with Dao

Each topic chosen must come from a different area in traditional Chinese culture, art and philosophy in ancient China, which allows you to express an informed opinion bases on what you have learned so far. Your paper is expected to be an extended response to, or analysis of, some of the readings assigned or presented in the lectures. No additional research is necessary. Do not consult online or print sources in addition to the readings assigned or provided.
Please use Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced with at most 1.25 margins, and a standard formatting (either normal view or page view). It is more standard not to have spaces between paragraphs, but to simply differentiate paragraphs via indentation
Topic 1: Bronze culture in Sanxingdui (2 pages)Watch this youtube video about Sanxingdui (different from the one assigned before), and discuss how is this amazing bronze culture different from the bronze culture in the central plainarea of China under the Shang dynasty. (Hint: you are expected, among other things, to talk about the differences between the two bronze cultures.)Link:
Topic 2: The Way with Dao (2 pages)In Daoism, the way to be with Dao is through noaction and naturalness. Discuss how theDaoist concept of noaction and naturalness might be used as a guideline for the world we are living in.The post Bronze culture in Sanxingdui & The Way with Dao first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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