Biology of aging

Why the focus on Longevity will most likely be shifting from the biology of passage of time, wear and tear and environmental factors to the forefront of molecular science? 
What is the aspiration of molecular biologists?
What are the objective differences between passage of time, environmental factors and molecular biology?
The FDA and the World Health Organization treat aging and age related diseases very differently.  Which side are Molecular Biologists more in lined with based on the readings?
DB Prompt:
Construct a thesis that takes into consideration all 3 articles AND the questions above. (See Weekly Reading Modules & Syllabus link to access the 3 readings).Prove your thesis and support your topic sentences from all 3 articles.An example of a short and concise thesis that allows for using all 3 articles are:
The passage of time and environmental factors approaches to longevity are concerned with areas of research that isolate human aging and age related diseases, while molecular biologists target.The post Biology of aging first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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