Benchmarking With Hospital Data

Benchmarking is a tool used not only for measurement but also for quality improvement. Benchmarking is a process of comparing performance as a strategy to identify opportunities for improvement. The first step in applying health information to benchmarking is to access it, analyze it, and use it for comparisons.
In this assignment, you will summarize your findings from the application of an online tool called Hospital Compare listed in the Resources. This tool will show you where facilities fall compared to national benchmarks.
InstructionsImagine that Vila Health is interested in comparing its performance to facilities in the surrounding area. As a Vila Health analyst, you will perform benchmarking comparisons and then evaluate the data source to be used for benchmarking purposes. Use the Hospital Compare feature on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website to access benchmarking data for local hospitals to represent Vila Health facilities. After you perform the comparisons, you will summarize your findings on the data source in a memo to the HIM director.
Under the heading Find a Hospital, select at least two facilities to compare by selecting Add to Compare.When you have selected at least two facilities, select Compare Now.Select one of the categories or tabs at the top (for example, Survey, Complications).Select a category from the drop-down arrows.Select Show Graphs if you cannot see the graphs already.Read the resulting output to understand what this data source provides.Include the following in your memo:
Describe the use of benchmarking data and comparative data.Discuss statistical data that allows comparative measures, such as mean and median. Provide examples based on your Hospital Compare results.Interpret the results to understand what types of information can be provided by the comparative measures. Provide examples or graphs based on your Hospital Compare results.Describe who would use the benchmarking data and also provide the implications of the data.The post Benchmarking With Hospital Data first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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