art history

1. Explain what you think cultural context means. Cite an example of a piece of art (from today, or anytime or place) but connect the image to the cultural context. Briefly explain what cultural context means. Support your ideas with a scholarly source(s). Your source can be a website, or a textbook, or a video, but your explanation must connect cultural context & Art History. Be specific about cultural context and Art History. Follow MLA citation guidelines for all written work all the time no matter how short or long your response is.
2. Then, cite at least one example of art or architecture from Module 2, and focus your comment on how the piece you pick represents the cultural context of the Minoan world. Use the worksheet to help guide your process, but you do not need to respond to every point because you will not be able to. If you can’t address an idea (like the name of the artist, or patron, or where it was originally located, or how it was made) then don’t mention it!


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