Application Exercise

Guide for Completing Application Exercise #2:
Designing a competency-based, structured interview
From the syllabus:
Application Exercises
Application exercises will require you to apply your HR knowledge by completing tasks as if you were an HR practitioner.  Length should be two to three pages depending on exercise.  It will be necessary to complete a few minutes of internet research to inform your response.  You must list any sources you use at the end of the assignment.  Exercises are due according to the times and dates listed on Canvas. Early completions are accepted and encouraged. 
#2: Designing a competency-based, structured interviewFind a job description from a past employer, the Internet, or other source.Using the job description as your foundation, identify five competencies critical to good performance in the position.For each competency, design two to three effective interview questions that would help you to identify the competency levels of a job candidate. (If a question can be answered with yes or no, it is likely not a good question.)Your final product should include the job title and description, and five competencies each of which is followed by a short set of questions. (You do need to include the job description.)This written exercise should:
Completely address #1, #2, #3, and #4 above.Include the job description you are using for the assignment. Just cut/paste it with your written assessment. (It will not be included in determining the length of the assignment.)  Using a job posting will subtract points from your assignment.  You can use the job description you used for assignment #1.Based on your understanding of the job description, identify at least five job competencies. You are making educated guesses for these.  Justify the assumptions you used in selecting these competencies.For each competency, write 2-3 questions you could use in a job interview that you believe would help you assess how well the candidate would do with each competency. (For example, you could ask a question about level of spending authority to determine if the candidate held a level of responsibility comparable to this position.)  Yes/no questions would not be effective for this.Include references/citations to any material you used in your writing.The post Application Exercise first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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