Abstract essay

Step 6. ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS – Write an essay analysis (250 word minimum) on an abstract painting from a museum collection.  Please include a properly cited image. There is an example of a properly cited image in the Discussion Board Essay Prompt from Week 1. Please check for spelling and grammar and save the document as a PDF.  Consider the following ideas in your essay and remember, stating “I like it,” doesn’t tell me what you think about the painting! 1)The dominant color palette – are the colors warm or cool, complementary or analogous? Does the color influence how you feel about the painting?2) Is the composition balanced or unbalanced? Do the formal elements, such as shape, line, and color, create patterns or a rhythm? What about the lines, do they guide you around the canvas? Are the sharp or squiggly?3) What effect does the scale of the painting have upon the viewer?4) What do YOU feel or think of when you view this image?
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