4 types of researches

Access the following link hosted by the University of Connecticut: http://researchbasics.education.uconn.edu/types-of-research/
(I attached the content of the website in the Material to be read document)
Familiarize (or re-familiarize) yourself with the types of research commonly used by scholars who seek to improve teaching and learning in schools. In particular, I would like for you to access the tabs entitled: Qualitative Research, Content Analysis, Historical Research, and Experimental/Group Comparisons. (No need to access the Action Research tab well do plenty of this later).Once you have done so, brainstorm and briefly describe one research project you could envision taking place at (or involving) your school for each of these four methodologies. Each description should be between 100 and 150 words in length.
    Topic chosen: Online learning (advantages and disadvantages)    Task: Reflective writing ,450 word .    you need to describe the topic chosen depending on the four different Methodologies (Qualitative Research, Content Analysis, Historical Research, and Experimental/Group Comparisons). In each methodology your focus will be in different view and implications.The post 4 types of researches first appeared on Quality University Essay.


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